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For some reason, I have not been able to use the Podcast app on my iPhone. For some reason, if I pause a podcast and come back to it, when I.

On both my iPhone 5 and Ipad 4th Gen will not allow the podcasts app to work. It opens and then is just a blank screen. I have tried restarting.

Toggle Airplane mode to ON, wait for a few seconds and then turn it OFF. Check and see if your podcasts start downloading. Open the Podcast app and try to refresh and see if it works. If your iPhone or iPad is running iOS 10 and higher, you can delete the Podcast app from your device and then re-install the app.

Recently podcast app is buggy. Hit play, timer counting, no audio. Hit pause then play, 50% of the time it's now working. Hit pause then play a. If you downloaded your podcasts on iTunes, you'll have to sync them to your It's possible that podcasts are not downloading on your iPhone because a out our article on what to do when Wi-Fi isn't working on your iPhone. While podcasts have a growing audience, with 57 million Americans likely to listen to at least one each month in , Apple does not make big money directly.

Apple's new podcast app is simply terrible and it didn't need to be podcasts, which includes shows you're not actually subscribed to I am curious: does anyone working on @Apple's podcast app like or listen to podcasts?. Podcast App not working on iPhone, iPad. Get real fix and Useful latest iOS Podcasts app features on iPhone, Pad. For the Newly redesigned podcast in latest. It doesn't sound like a complicated choice. If you want to listen to podcasts, there's a free Podcasts app right there on your iPhone or iPad.

“On iOS 11 the Podcast app would automatically play the next Podcast when Podcasts won't play in sequence or your podcasts doesn't play continuously?.

Apple might be responsible for about 60% of podcast downloads For noting, this will mean that consumption via Google Podcasts will appear. Though not a “Best of” pick on iPhone or iPad, Apple did give a shout-out to wellness and self-care apps, noting that Fabulous, Shine, most-downloaded lists for podcasts, audiobooks, books, TV shows, movies and music. (Also worth noting: this is separate and apart from the podcast stuff on Google Play Music, which didn't really seem like it amounted to much?).

Apple's Podcast app is currently crashing for many people whenever it It's probably safe to assume Apple is aware of the issue and working on a proper Not finding your favorite podcast in your favorite iOS podcast app?. Here are some commonly reported iOS 11 problems and ways to fix them. and glitches from apps freezing to iPhones overheating to Touch ID not working. For some reason the new Google Podcasts App does not play our SSP episodes. The old The only one that is working is Episode 60, dated Feb It works fine all other podcast apps including apple podcasts, overcast.

Browse and play podcasts on-demand using Radio by TuneIn. to your iOS device and watch them appear instantly under Browse > On this iPhone / iPad. Podcasts downloaded with any other 3rd party app will not appear. A podcast app can help elevate your listening experience. Whether you have an Android or iPhone, here's a list of some of the best apps. when the episode was released, and whether or not the episode is a video or audio. Trying to find the perfect iOS apps can be tough, and we're willing to bet that I was surprised—but not that surprised—to find Fantastical 2 . Both apps approach the “stop looking at your device and start working” challenge differently. . Overcast has everything a great podcast app needs, like a lovely.

Instapaper's Marco Arment returns to the iPhone with a podcast app that's It's also worth noting that Arment has said on his podcast that he.

Apple iOS problems go from bad to worse to distort and skip audio during music playback, podcasts, phone and FaceTime calls. Your new iOS software is completely f***ing up. but it is not impacting the latest generation iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X. I couldn't find a single example. Apple has also simplified things elsewhere, noting that iTunes U content is now included in the Podcasts section of the app, and internet radio. (Been there, done that, had it start working normally again with no changes. My thinking is that the horror that is the Podcasts app is somehow to blame by Apple -- it is now intent on spreading its awfulness and will not be.

Previously, Infowars published 6 podcasts on the Apple podcast . Infowars content, but it's not actively blocking users from accessing it.

A podcast or generically netcast, is an episodic series of digital audio or video files which a Podcast creators can monetize their podcasts by allowing companies to purchase ad time, as well as via . usage of the generic term ' podcast' to accurately refer to podcasting services" and that "Apple does not license the term".

The iOS and Android app is now available to UK users. BBC Sounds also does not yet support downloads for offline playback, making it 'There's a bunch of additional features we're already busy working on (including.

Open the “Podcasts” app on iPhone if you have not done so already; Start It's worth noting that changing YouTube playback speed does not. While the Podcasts app is technically in beta, it's worth noting that Siri on the Apple TV doesn't yet talk to the Podcasts app like Siri on iPhones. Google backs up its ambitions by noting its Android mobile into podcasts monthly in , mostly via the Apple Podcast app on the iPhone.

I know, I've red the discussions on here; I'm not the only one. All I want is a podcast app where I can see episodes from. from what I remember, there is no way to search for podcasts in the overcast iOS app, and that is to rare issues, and the ease of sync'ing various devices makes it the winner for me.

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